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Meet Aja

Master Reiki Therapist, Mental Reprograming Expert & Business Advisor 

I am a Reiki Therapist, Author, and Business Advisor that specializes in Mental Reprogramming and personal development. I have been known by my friends and colleagues to be a Master Of Manifesting.

I hold a bachelor's degree in alternative medicine and certifications in Kemetic natural health and wellness from the late Dr. Afrika, women's holistic health and wellness with Dr. Akua Gray as well as a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science from the kemeit university along with many other studies. "It is my life purpose to assist those who come after me on their journey to the life they desire. I have been a business owner for over 15years. I have successfully run and sold business during this time. Although I don't hold a formal business degree. Life experience in business has been my teacher. I have been assisting clients in successfully reaching new levels of success in business as well as in their personal life.
The mind is a beautiful servant and if one can clear the clutter and silence that noise one can reap all the fruits this life has to offer. It is my passion to help those in search of a successful balanced life reach such heights.

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