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About Business Therapy

More than 62% of small business owners admitted to feeling depressed at least once a week. The University of California-San Fransico found that mental-health issues are experienced by many entrepreneurs.  

Business Therapy Program 

 Our Business Therapy Program was designed to grow clients both personally and professionally by giving you tools and exercises to help you strengthen the connection between your pesonal self & your professional self. This is done by using a combination of healing modalities tailored specifically to the client needs. 

Buisiness therapy will help with personal growth that targets emotional and mental wellness, and professional growth that enhances career ambition and challenges your current mind set to meet your current goals. Using  organizational skills to declutter physicall, mentally while Implamenteing plans that promote changes to achive your over all goals. 

Therapy includes but not limited to...

  • Aura Cleansing & Balancing.

  • Mental Reprograming. 

  • Alpha Stae of MAnifesting Technique.

  • Business Evalutaion.

  • Work Space Flow & Organizational Life Skill Techniques.

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Who Is Business Therapy For ?

If you........

  • Have Feelings of anxiety around deadlines.

  • Personal life lacks a natural flow.

  • Can't get the ideas out of your head and into action.

  • Scattered brain. 

  • unorganized work environment.

  • Feeling Heavy. 

  • Unstable work foundation for employees. 

  • Depressive thoughts. 

  • Low to no momantum. 

  • Lack of sensuality (no pleasure inn life) 

  • All stages of business 

  •  In business

  • Lacking confidence 

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