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What I Specialize In 

Aura Cleansing & Chakra Balnacing 

Our Reiki Therapy treatment promotes balance and overall well being. Reiki is great for those who are experiencing any level of stress, grief, physical pain, emotional imbalance or simple guidance. Our Reiki Therapist will lay you on a massage table fully clothed. You will be led into a deep meditative state by an intense breathing exercise. The Reiki therapist will begin to scan your energy. There will be binaural beats playin to stimulate on.a cellular structure. Once relaxed the Reiki Therapist will begin the session. This session will last for 90 minutes. Once all energy centers blockages are removed and brought back to balance . 48 hours after your session is complete a 21 day Reiki plan will be emailed to you.



Blockages may occur on a hexed level. My spiritual cleanses are tailored according to what the client needs. The overall goal of the Spiritual Cleanse is to remove all unwanted energies and entities that may be bound to you and return them to sender. Restoring balance on all levels.

Business Evaluation

During the basic business evalution we will make sure you have everything in place to meet your business goals. We will review foundational aspecsts such as basic business operation. Once completed we will  give you an suggested detailed list of thing to implement to ensure buiness goals can be met. Create a task manager, a daily weekls and monthly action strategy to meet growth goals goals

Mental Reprograming 

Our Mental Reprograming is done through a series of steps. Those steps hleps me to establish a clear to date mindset veiw. In order to reprogram your thought process we must carefuly observe the triggers from your life experince that have shaped your surrent beilif system. Once the intial evalution is completed we will work together to remove those records that are not in alignment with the goals set to achieve. We will walk you through the exercises neccesary to reach an succeful outcome. 


Work Space Flow & Organizational Skills

One of the reasons you may find it hard to focus and stay on track is due to clutter. Clutter isn't limited to the physical aspects but it's also mental. We will make sure both personal and business spaces are organized and in place to reduce the feelings of anxiety, scatter brain. This will include physical labor of organizing. The same will be done 

When it comes to work space flow there should be a system in place that allows for you, your employee and your customer to have a smooth experience. We will asist into helpin install a flow that works effeciantly and affectively for eveyone.  

Alpah State Manifesting 

This techniques requires the mental reprograming in order to work efficiently. The Alpha State Of Manifesting technique is done in a deep relaxed state. Slowing down the energies and implanting an idea to be materilized. This techniques has been proven to work becuase it strenghtns the thought/feeling connection so that you may have faster stronger results in materializing. 

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